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  • Client: Vertex Resourcing
  • Year: Ongoing
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Beanstalk have worked with Vertex Resourcing since the very beginning in their mission to freshen up their brand image and bring the Vertex vision to life.

The brief was simple, Vertex wanted to start taking their brand and their marketing seriously, and they wanted to make their brand scream in amongst a very crowded FMCG space. How they wanted to achieve this was through a total re-brand and really pushing the digital marketing front.

The Re-Brand

The Vertex brand needed to bold, vibrant and really highlight that Vertex understands the FMCG industry. It was also requested to include a pop art feel to reflect the owners passion for the style. So, taking inspiration from many great food and drinks brands, we designed a brand and a website that made the user feel like it might actually be on an FMCG website whilst still providing all the messaging of a ‘best in class’ talent attraction service.
Landing page mockup beanstalk

The Strategy

The FMCG world is a busy world, ever changing and very innovative. So, we built a strategy designed to both inform and inspire, focusing on providing content to two audience types, job seekers and job givers. Whether it is the latest industry trends or the insider tips on how to climb the career ladder, the content would really highlight the expertise on hand at Vertex Resourcing.
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