August 2020

Driving customer focused growth with Zephyr

Beanstalk helped Zephyr to build a better consumer focused brand that creates products to solve real customer problems.


Branding, Consultation

Company Overview

Zephyr are new fintech that has roots in the POS and Hospitality industry. Driving their growth from strong values and industry experience.

Driving customer focused growth with Zephyr


Zephyr are a fintech on the edge, they wanted to create a brand that screamed we understand and we want to innovate. Beanstalk were tasked with creating a new brand image and company message that would resonate with their customers.

We spent several weeks working alongside the director team at Zephyr, to better understand the vision for the company, helping to develop everything from customer profiles to new product offerings, with the ultimate goal of creating a streamlined set of brand guidelines that the whole company could use to connect with their customers and drive growth.


Zephyr have used our brand guides to help them design a whole new customer offering and are now currently going through a phase of growth and development using the information we provided to help them create great products that solve real customer problems.

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