August 2020

Helping HOP better connect with its customers

Beanstalk helped HOP to better understand and connect with its customers through branding.


Consultancy, Strategy, Branding

Company Overview

HOP are on the front line of food innovation! Using the power of cricket protein to bring a healthier, more nutritional and sustainable food product to the world.

Helping HOP better connect with its customers


Our task was simple, help HOP better understand it’s place within the world and better connect with their target audience.

Through  face-to-face consultation sessions we helped HOP understand their target market better, and how best to approach their marketing, allowing them to better engage with their consumers.

The sessions were delivered after we carefully spent time researching their target market and industry, which ultimately allowed us to look at what their consumers best interacted with and the most cost effective way they could capitalise on this, through strong branding, consumer focused language and of course the use of influencer marketing to drive consumer trust.


The results for HOP are incredible, they went from a small start-up looing to push their way into a very crowded sports supplement and healthy eating market, and have now since grown into a market challenging start-up, that is set for big things in the future.

Their use of influencer marketing and branding that doesn't hide behind what they are, has been a key driver in their success.

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