What Are The New Announcements Changing The Way We'll Market?
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What Are The New Announcements Changing The Way We'll Market?

In this blog we talk about the changing perspectives of platforms, new features and what to expect in the near time!

As you know marketing is a discipline with many variables that have to be constantly considered and improved. This shifting dynamic of consumer behaviour and experiences are causing changes on how we should market ourselves in the digital world. Therefore, social media platforms and search engines constantly optimise their practices to meet these demands.

In the coming time new practices and algorithms will come into action again or have started recently as testings. For Small Businesses this blog will show what new changes are being put out giving them indication on how they should alter their marketing strategies to stay up to date as well.


As of 7 July 2021 the VP of Ads and Business Products Dan Levy shared that the new business landscape will benefit the next generation of user’s behaviour, proposing changes in 4 areas:

1.Privacy enhancing technologies


3.Product and business discovery

4.Business tools beyond marketing

Facebook will provide “innovative ways for businesses to reach customers and give people more control over how their personal information is being handled for advertising purposes”. Not dissimilar to Apple’s updated privacy policies where users can choose which apps can track their behaviour. This means that Facebook will have to find an alternative way enabling optimal targeting to meet the conditions of the new constraints.

In terms of eCommerce and their in-stream purchases tools will match the rising demands of online shopping behaviour trends. By testing new features such as browsing content from businesses on topics (fitness, beauty, etc.) and further exploring content from similar businesses too. Some users might have experienced this in April! This will increase product exposure and build more brand-focused listings.

Part of the new updates will be of importance to small businesses particularly, with a badge that will showcase it as demonstrated in the picture. This way they’ll be easily identifiable to users, so they can support small businesses/local brands more effectively.

Facebook Marketplace brings more than 300M users monthly and will expand its product listing by adding a business discovery feed. This is a key element for the platform because visitors demand an easy transition between discovering and purchasing, and if not optimised a significant part of their revenue stream could be at risk.

Improved business tools will be in line with all current trends sparking opportunities for adding additional aspects like job listings (where you can upload resumes), improved messaging and online education tools.

Do not forget that:

Even though Facebook is proposing new beneficial changes on expanding its eCommerce, don’t drop your guard. Think of this as a ‘rented land’ and that at any point Facebook can turn it’s back on you!


Probably everyone has been following social media news recently, for example when TikTok was almost banned in America, and when Zuckerberg introduced Reels on Instagram...

Sounds familiar?

Apparently with the success Reels has shown since it’s launch, at the beginning of July 2021 Facebook began tests to adapt Instagram to replicate the TikTok App model.

Now the photo-sharing app will take the direction of becoming a social video app, focusing more on being an entertainment space. These changes come since TikTok’s popularity has posed a huge threat to the giant Facebook family, by ranking No.1 on non-gaming app downloads.

So, exactly like TikTok, your feed won’t be group pics of your pals at brunch anymore - it’ll be all video! Alongside Reels, the introduction of IGTV Videos has also touched the market of video streaming giants, YouTube.

The new Instagram proposal began in 2016 when Zuckerberg voiced that he is thinking of changing the platform to be more video-centric, because in the next 5 years people will consume more video content - he wasn’t far off!

Now, part of Instagram’s changes will be cultivating videos more widely, and offering you full-screen video recommendations on topics that you’re not necessarily following. This comes from the success of the “suggested posts” feature.


As you know Google is always making changes to their services and algorithms, keeping SEO experts constantly on their toes. It is especially important for Small Businesses to try and follow algorithm changes that relate to their SEO practices.


Youtube is the second most used search engine after Google and it’s a hotspot destination to all of us for placing ads there. However, the platform’s users care about ad breaks while watching video content - less frequent interruptions are found to benefit more content and ad viewing, especially for long-form videos!

The recent announcement put out on 30 June 2021 is about the improved experience with ad pods. Ad Pods was launched in 2018 where two ads were played one after another by keeping a lower rate of interruptions. This change showed that people who engaged with multiple ads in a single break experienced 40% less interruptions.

Soon they will add non-skippable ads in addition to the skippable and with this new update viewer interruptions will be decreased but still manage to help advertisers connect with their audience.

Cookie Tracking

In 2022 Google will eliminate the third-party cookie tracking and their Ad tools will also stop supporting individual tracking of user’s online behaviour on Chrome. By that time they will incorporate user-level identifiers to answer the needs of users, publishers and advertisers.

At the time being the only rule standing will be the use of privacy preserving technologies that depend on anonymisation or data aggregation. Google’s launch of their ‘Privacy Sandbox’ will find a solution to protect the privacy of people and will let the content run freely on the web. This way they can “continue optimising relevant content and ads by clustering large groups of users with similar behaviour”.

Their tests show that advertisers can anticipate approx. 95% of their conversions per dollar spent compared to marketing based on cookies.

Core Web Vitals

These changes are proposed on the technical side of search engine optimisation and the way Google will rank you. If you still haven't made any reviews on your website since last year, now is a good time to audit your webpage. When you do that focus your attention on mobile usability, indexing, check for broken links, encoding and speed-related issues.

The CWV will act as a 3 page experience metric widely focused on speed and user experience.

1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) that identifies how long it will take for your page to load so that a user can see it on their screen.

2. First Input Delay (FID) tracks the time needed for visitors to interact with your page by pressing a button.

3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is measuring the speed of your page’s visual stability  

The easiest way to review these metrics and how they are performing currently is by opening Google’s Search Console and navigating yourself through the Core Web Vitals menu located on the left side.

This way you can see any potential issues that have to be optimised. From Google’s perspective this is why Page speed matters:

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