Three Video Content Ideas For Small Businesses

Three Video Content Ideas For Small Businesses

With the increasing interest from consumers about video content, we have decided to share with you some ideas around videos that do not need a professional, in order to be effective!

The growing demand of consumers for video content has led us to an age where all marketing strategies consist of at least one video on YouTube, Reel on Instagram, or TikTok, or even all three combined!

One of the reasons why this form of content is so popular and rising in demand is due to its ability to engage with both future and current customers across multiple channels. Moreover, if you look at what is happening right now every minute on the internet compared to a decade ago, you will see the enormous growth of video consumption. If you want to find out more about the state of video marketing led from a survey from marketers and small businesses owners click here!

Now the two photos below show the difference of data consumption 8 years apart, and you can also see how trends change, how the popularity of some platforms got extinct and new one’s came into existence and now are a big part of our consumer’s life and therefore part of our marketing efforts as well.

Data Consumption in 2012
Data Consumption 2020

What Is Video Marketing and Why You Should Do It

There are many possible ways you can reach out to your audience in today’s age, but recently the utilisation of video content and integrating it as part of our marketing strategy has turned out to be particularly useful. 

Video marketing is a quick and effective way to market your products and services. Now video content engages with your consumers on higher and deeper levels - helps improve your online presence and creates a more effective brand awareness that boosts engagement and builds trust. While video advertising is a subset of video marketing but is designed to stimulate interest and increase sales for businesses.

In recent years consumers are becoming more visually oriented and lets face it video formats have proven to be appealing, engaging and attention grabbing, and a good presentation or content can help you escalate. You have the chance to get viral, get noticed, be shared and build up your followings around topics, causes and offerings. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to impress your audience because if you don’t give them what they want to see from you, they will most certainly go to someone else!

So here are your top 3 reasons why having video content:

  1. Broadcasts your messages, increases your chances of being noticed and is an impactful medium
  2. It’s dynamic, continues to be entertaining and educational
  3. It can be shared on multiple platforms

What Videos should Small Businesses Make?

Small budget? New to video editing? Or unaware of where to start from? … Don’t worry we can give you some guidance from where to begin:

Explainer Videos

The easiest thing is to start with explainer videos where you introduce your products/services to the viewer (potential or current). A great video of this sort should be short and punchy, quickly and effectively explaining the benefits (problem-solving), because it will help the viewer create an idea of how your offering will fit them.

It’s more about content quality in terms of informational knowledge rather than how ‘Oscar’ worthy it is! It doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to make these types of videos, in fact be more DIY, show your business’s personality and grab their attention.

Here are some ideas of explainer videos you can make:

  • Animated - most popular, easy to outsource due to services like Yum Yum Videos or Powtoon
  • Live-action - make a script, keep it short (60s or less), simple language (but no business jargons)
  • Screencast - if you are a SaaS business, simply make a screencast video - fits perfectly, budget-friendly and your audience have a visual representation of a step to step analysis.

Testimonial Videos

For some people testimonial videos are too of a risk, so they tend to stay away from them! If you do too, no one will blame you for it, BUT even if they can be scary and intimidating, they can make a difference by just having a couple ones in your portfolio!

In case you decide to do them, start by interviewing a few long-term customers that can positively vouch for your products/services by explaining their experience and the values they have discovered by being with you!

Building trust while being a small business is hard, but with a good reputation and effective testimonial videos you can thrive. These type of videos can be a great asset for your website, your marketing campaigns, and can be shared easily on social media.

If you don’t know who to pick for your video - think about your ideal customer (your brand persona) that matches with “you” and the rest of your customers. 

Here’s some guidance of how you can make them:

  • Give indication to the person about the process and the topics that will be covered
  • Location wise - either at workplace or a friendly environment for the customer
  • Let the camera run all the way - keep everything even additional footage
  • Make sure the person is comfortable about what their speaking about

Video story of your Company

Companies that have an interesting background when they were created are worth sharing! 

Tell your audience about how you began, what was your motivation, your drive, the impact you’re trying to make with what you’ve created. Show your team, tell the story, because at the end of the day people buy more based on emotions, rather than logic!

Company story types:

  • Crowdsouce videos from your peers and compile it into 1 video, featuring everyone and their experience
  • Interview your employees, sort of testimonials but from your employees about their day-to-day responsibilities at the company
  • B-roll footage from some company events, showcasing the culture inside the company

As you can see, you don’t need a huge amount of capital to make videos that will attract your audience! All you need is a good camera, could be your phone as well and voilà, you can make your very own video for your website and/or social platforms!

Before you start, familiarise yourself more with how to do them, what professional video creators guide you to do if you’re a beginner in terms of editing and shooting! The internet is a big space with lots of answers, especially on YouTube, where many share their experience and give guidance, therefore, do some learning and remember the basics!

With time you will get more experienced and will be able to see the results of your efforts, like selling more easily, promoting your business effectively, driving more traffic, and so on.

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