The Importance Of A Good Web Design

The Importance Of A Good Web Design

In this blog we have outlined why businesses need to have well-designed website - what are the important attributes of it and the benefits it imposes!

Web design is how a website is presented on the internet and it has a strong connection to how the user interacts with it, and their experience (good/bad). Now, more than ever, web design plays a crucial role in customer experience and satisfaction when interacting with a brand and its assets. Moreover, websites must be optimised not only for desktop computers but also for mobile since a big part of the traffic comes from social media surfing.

Why Does Website Design Matter?

The number one reason is because people care about it in general, whether subconsciously or not, they are influenced by the visuals and are attracted to well-designed websites. 

Another reason is that consumers often judge businesses based on their website and will most often stop interacting with you if they feel it’s poorly made. They could also judge your product/services based on it and go to your competitor’s website to explore. 

Your next question is probably going to be: Then what do we mean by good design?

The answer to this question is hidden behind the following point:

Elements That Improve Your Design

Here you need to consider your brand assets and website elements to create a unison:


Since you already have your brand colours that align with your logo and your other elements, you can use them for the website too. In case you want to divert from your brand colours and use another scheme you need to have a good background of colour association.

Colour association relates to how we perceive a certain nuance, for instance black for luxury, blue for trust, or even colours to spark emotion, like excitement. In other words, do your research first and think about your audience while crafting your design.

Another way to monitor your brand colour usage is by following the60-30-10 rule, in which you use 60% primary colours, 30% secondary and 10%accent colours!

Typography And Fonts

Number one point to remember is: make it easy to read, because if people struggle reading your texts it’s not going to lead to positive results. 

However, think about your customer base, are they predominantly young, middle age or older - by what fonts are they attracted to? Use the fonts and typography that reflects your brand the best!

Animations, Graphics, and Images

If you use these elements in moderation and position them strategically on your website they can elevate it and bring life to it, leading to positive experience and satisfaction.

Layout, Navigation and Accessibility

Simple and clean layouts capture the attention way more than those with thousands of stuffed elements all over it that distract you! When it comes to any drop-down menus make sure they correlate with what your audience seeks. 

Navigation has strong importance because your goal when designing your website is to make it easy for visitors to find their way around it! So, memorise this: your website should be user-friendly and if so, it can lead to conversion because you provide an experience that is liked by the consumers. 

Your website should be accessible not only for your target audience but also for people with disabilities. By law this is a requirement that most people could not be familiar with, thus pay attention to all guidelines and regulations. 

Three Reasons Why Web Design Is Important

Now that we had a look at some key points that should be taken into consideration, let’s see why you need to pay attention to how your website looks, so that it impacts your business positively!

First Impressions

We mentioned this aspect at the beginning of the blog but essentially, it’s one of the main points to prioritise! People need just seconds to determine whether they want to interact with your website or go to a competitor's one. 

If you have an unappealing and/or outdated one people will have a negative feeling around your business as well, which will automatically push them away from any future interactions with you. However, if you design it properly you leave a positive impression and they will perceive your brand positively, making them want to browse around and explore your content with the potential chance of turning them into leads.

Another reference that consumers make based on how a website looks like is about the customer service. From their perspective if you’re not looking properly at your website, it means that you won’t be helpful and taking care of your customers as well!

Helps Your SEO

Apart from having an appealing page you also need to stress the importance on how your content is laid out and it’s formatted on the website (your design elements together with the text). It could be appealing on the front but the back end the website will be affecting the search engine optimisation.This can lead to problems with search visibility, loading speed (mobile and PC)and bounce rates, for instance.

Make sure that when designing the website, either with your creative team or with an external agency/freelancer, your codes, graphics, and content are SEO-friendly to help you increase your time spent on page and ultimately lead to conversion.

Builds Trust

When you have a captivating website, you appeal to your audience and you also start gaining their trust, which is extremely important as you already know.Consumers start bonding with you by interacting, which increases their confidence in your business too.

Poor and shady websites can push away your audience and send them to your competitors. Therefore, make the necessary improvements and don’t lose your audience to anyone!

By now, you should have grasped the most important facts of why is important to have a well-designed website, because it acts as an advertisement every time a customer interacts with it.

In terms of small businesses, having a strong website is crucial. We know that most companies are facing budget challenges or lack of necessary skillset internally, losing the ability to put emphasis on web design, thus seeing a dropdown in customer base. However, there are ways to invest in improving your website, because it will positively impact the customer experience, increase lead generation and eventually the bottom line.

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