The Handbook for Small Businesses to Smash Social Media
Social Media

The Handbook for Small Businesses to Smash Social Media

Ready to smash socials out of the park but don't know where to start? Well, you can start right here! A simple guide of how each platform works, and how they'll benefit your small business.

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The internet is a huge space. It provides us with endless ways to connect with family, friends and brands - round the clock. 

Your business can benefit greatly from this too. Amongst other platforms on the internet, the main social media channels allow you to spark a direct line of communication with both prospective and existing customers.

Today you can be anywhere where your audience is, and social media is a key player in that. 

But what are the main functions of it? How can your marketing strategy benefit from them? We’re going to uncover all this and more for the main Social Media Platforms, namely:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

If you’re all about delivering that personalised and friendly customer service, pay attention.

Social Networking Sites (SNS)

So, let’s first see some of the core benefits:

  1. Reaching your audience: This can happen in two ways - organically or through paid advertisements.
  • Organically - Your business is presented to people that follow you or have  searched for your business/industry and decided to engage with you.
  • Paid ads - Ads allow you to be “picky” when choosing who you want to reach - you can filter your audience by age, gender, country. This way your business will be promoted directly to who you want.
  1. Networking - connecting with like minded people and engaging with followers, business partners and the entire world. You’ll find you can benefit from this most on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  1. Research - You can explore trending hashtags, brand popularity and the behaviour change of your customers by employing social listening tools to monitor those conversations. 


Facebook was launched in 2004, and has since evolved into the most popular social media platform, currently boasting a whopping 2.85 billion active users worldwide, with 25-34 years old holding the majority of this user base.

It was created with one purpose in mind - staying connected. It’s now also become a go-to not just for friends and peers, but for businesses wanting to share their brand locally, nationally or even globally. 

There are millions of small businesses who grow their brand here, and as a result the developers launched Facebook For Business to support and nurture this growth.

Now that you’re familiarised, let’s show you some statistics made by Business Of Apps  and Hootsuite, to really prove Facebook’s popularity amongst marketeers:

  • Facebook can reach 59% of the world’s SNS audience 
  • 36% of people use Facebook as a news source
  • Facebook is used for Research by 48% of B2B decision makers 
  • Since last year the visibility of local businesses has increased by 23% and ⅔ of the users visit at least one local business page weekly 

By creating a Facebook For Business profile, you can utilise some brilliant tools to tailor your content ads to Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Here are some of the benefits:

  • By designing your ad you get six versions of the same ad automatically with suggested call-to-actions, texts and many more attributes
  • You will receive reports of the best performing version of your ad, as well as notifications of any changes you should make for optimisation
  • You can filter the ad to be visible to your prime audience directly


LinkedIn is the platform focused on professional networking and knowledge sharing! It was built for the purpose of finding, and maintaining, connections in a strictly business capacity. 

It’s the perfect place to be introduced to business owners, industry leaders and relevant professionals, and with 756 million users and 55 million companies registered worldwide, it’s a 24/7 networking event at your fingertips.

The demographic for LinkedIn is going to be the most unique of all the platforms you use, because it is all about gaining opportunities for individual professional growth and business expansion.

The most active age range is between 25-55 years old, taking up 68% of the platform’s space. Interestingly enough, only 3% of the users post more than once a week!

If you do everything correctly, LinkedIn can generate you more leads than Facebook and Twitter! Users don’t just spend time, they invest it.

Here’s some impressive statistics about LinkedIn:

Food for thought: 50% of the 10 most engaged LinkedIn articles are written by Bill Gates - check them out and see if you can draw some inspiration from his communication skills.


Twitter is a platform for you to freely discuss any topic (within the realm of 280 characters), see what’s trending around the world and connect with friends, even celebs sometimes. It’s known to be the most free thinking space on the internet, which has it’s pros and cons.

The platform brings more than 353 million active users each month and the majority of these users are between 25-49 years old (57.1%). 

The way people benefit from Twitter varies from person to person, but the main purposes are for news and entertainment. I for one log in each day to check the headlines, and then move on to my feed for some light hearted comedy, which is what 48% of the user base does.

Most importantly for you, 33% of users feel the best purpose of Twitter for them is connecting with brands and companies, so keep that in mind for your business.

So, let’s expand on the benefits that Twitter can bring for businesses:

Tweet engagement

Image/Video Sharing Platforms


Images, infographics and illustrations will always be the best way to grab people’s attention, and a platform like Instagram is the number one place to go!

These assets spark conversations, and can be a great idea for your business for the following reasons:

  • Encouraging engagement - Make your audience go “wow” and want to be part of the conversation. Post content that will give rise to comments, likes and shares. Create ‘buzz’.
  • Inspiring your audience - by curating inspiring visuals and sharing your own brand personality you also inspire other like minded people that will want to connect with you.

Instagram was founded by the developers of Facebook in 2010, so was a bit late to the party - but it wasn’t long before it blew up, with a view to giving people a platform to showcase fabulous photos and videos for their followers. 

Instagram allows you to curate fun, visual content that can capture eyes, hearts and imaginations. A valuable tool for your business if you feel like getting creative.

Now the platform proudly holds more than 1 billion monthly active users making it a lead contender in the world of social media. The predominant users are between 18-34 years old, with a 62.7% platform dominance.

Right now you are probably wondering what your business is going to get out of Instagram, well the answer is fairly simple:

So, are you gonna do it for the gram?


The video hosting platform YouTube has changed the way people watch, create and think about video content massively, and these behaviours are ever changing. 

Creators can publish their work to a platform that is optimised for streaming and is extremely accessible for everyone. YouTube allows you to:

  • Share your content 
  • Build relationships 
  • Engage with viewers who enjoy your work

Currently more than 1 billion hours of video is watched each day and hundred hours of content is uploaded per minute by 30 million daily active users, making the platform an absolute phenomenon. 

Half of YouTube’s traffic comes from a mobile device, with the average viewing session lasting around 40 minutes.

Some amazing statistics that YouTube brings for businesses are:

If you want to find out more information specifically on using Ads across the internet and social media, check out our blog - Ads: How Can You Promote Yourself On Each Platform?

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