Industry Trends And What To Expect
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Industry Trends And What To Expect

In this blog we have briefly summarised 3 reports overlooking the marketing trends and some predictions of what to probably expect in 2022!

If you want to further improve your marketing it’s always good to have a look over the evolution of trends concerned around consumers and their habits, and how that influences the marketing choices we make everyday!

In this blog we will overlook trends for 2021, what was affected, and even what to expect for 2022.

2021 Global Marketing Trend

In their 2021 Global Marketing Trend, Deloitte had surveyed almost 2,500 global consumers, and more than 400 executives to find out how current conditions are navigated. 

In case you missed it, here are the 7 distinct global marketing trends for 2021 they discussed, that had been significantly impacted:

  • Purpose - customers are with you because you share the same values as them, right? Companies that act with purpose are more likely to see success, because they are able to handle uncertainties, make rational decisions, know where to invest and they know how to interact with employees and satisfy stakeholders as well.
  • Agility - the tough situation everyone faced in the past year and half has shown us how unpredictable the environment could be and that is why agility is a crucial mindset for companies. Thanks to digital technologies and trusting our investments in them has once again shown the correct choices we made.
  • Participation - the engagement between brands and customers has seen an increase compared to before. Now with this two-way communication, we see our customers in a more strategic way, like brand ambassadors, collaborators, influencers and innovators.
  • Human Experience - vast technologies have their horrendous amount of benefits and with them we can further identify the expectations needed from us to customers, employees and stakeholders.
  • Fusion - is our ability to innovate, partner with others, bring together new experiences and insights that create human needs.
  • Trust - it is the key element for building strong relationships - it takes years to be formed but just seconds to be destroyed, be extremely careful not to lose it.
  • Talent - Covid-19 had a significant impact over the ways we work, over the budgets, and over our efforts to focus on our valuable assets, such as talent and strategic force.  

Evolution Of Social Media Apps

Thanks to App Annie’s “Evolution of Social Media Apps” we have a clear idea of what has happened and how trends have evolved over the past 10 years, pointing out the rise of live-streaming, social commerce and the impact of TikTok and Snapchat over the other apps!

One of the biggest changes have come to in-app purchases recording a spending of $3.2b just in the first half of the year, seeing a 50% increase year-over-year! 

A tip for businesses will be to update product catalogues on Facebook Market and Instagram Shop, as well as TikTok’s approach to be a leader in eCommerce.

If you are up to date with the new social media app changes coming for Instagram (exiting the photo-sharing position and adopting TikTok’s and YouTube’s approach), and Pinterest introducing the full-screen experience, well that all comes from the enormous influence that streaming had on social platforms.This is also the next aspect addressed in the report!

Now more than half a trillion hours have been spent on streaming, which is an interesting shift coming from 2018, when back then and before a big emphasis was placed on social groups pushed by Facebook to increase in-app engagement. 

This massive boost has arisen since the pandemic hit hard globally. For many content creators short and long-formed videos, as well as streamings during lockdowns have led to this social change amplification and leading the way to new trends.

What has been further tested right now is the opportunity to combine live-streamings with live-shopping. This is being trialled by Facebook, Instagram and TikTok by making collaborations with brands, influencers and stars.

If you look at the following picture carefully you can see how the Facebook family has lost dominance over entertainment apps and it’s being replaced by TikTok for most downloads.

As a finale let’s look at some potential trends for 2022 and beyond …

If you’re starting to think about your marketing plans for next year, here are some predictions that could be of benefit to you, outlined by Red Website Design:

  1. Social media apps transform to shopping platforms
  2. The progression of short video content, inspired by TikTok and Reels afterwards
  3. Social channel becoming even more integrated in our daily lives
  4. Shorter attention spans result in more bite-sized content
  5. Augmented Reality (AR) being more incorporated into social media platforms
  6. The growing usage of UGC (user generated content)
  7. The “unbundling” of Reddit
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