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FAQs From Small Businesses About Digital Marketing

Find out the most pressing questions we receive from Small Businesses as a Digital Marketing agency, and get some answers!

Today's reading will be a bit different from our normal Thursday blogs, because it will focus around questions that small businesses have around marketing and its significance. 

So without further ado let's review the 5 most popular questions:

How important is digital marketing for small businesses?

Simply put, it is very important. Digital marketing is an important discipline for any business regardless of size, because it ensures your discoverability by online users looking to find more information about a product/service.

Digital marketing is not a one off practice, it’s a constant commitment that has to be implemented daily. Think of it as a long-term beneficial investment, rather than an expense. It gives you the opportunity to gain organic traffic or even use paid advertising to boost your business. Either way, your strategy should be reviewed consistently to maintain its effectiveness.

Why does my plan need to be reviewed more than once?

First, the fact that small businesses are able to pay close attention to the feedback from their customers makes them easily adaptable to any changes - an advantage that a lot of bigger companies don’t have. Current trends, demands and behaviours influence consumerism, and they move quickly, so you ‘re going to need a plan in action to apply and adapt to those industry changes.

Second, without having a marketing plan you will be making decisions on the fly - a waste of efforts and resources that have a 50/50 chance to work for you. Don’t wing it. When you have a clear and defined written plan you’re more focused on specific goals and objectives, and the ways you can achieve them.

The most important thing you can do to not lose track of your mission is to write down a step by step plan. Your strategy should be reviewed at least every 3 months, or risk losing the attention and business of your existing users.

How much should I spend on my marketing plan and what will the ROI be like?

How much you should spend is a completely subjective question. It depends on your objectives and revenues. If we have to indicate a rough percentage, some financial institutions indicate that in a B2C environment it is around 5% to 10% of your revenues. 

What will be your return on investment? Initially, most small businesses pay more than they earn back. It’s natural, because a certain time has to pass in order for the marketing to work. Eventually a healthy ROI is about 15% to 30% according to financial experts.

What are my options regarding recruiting a marketer?

Generally there are two scenarios that can happen in this situation:

Scenario 1: Employ an internal marketing department

One option is to hire employees that are competent in the various marketing skills, e.g. website building, search engine optimisation, content marketing, etc. That way you work together with everyone and have better control over the situation with one unified team.

Scenario 2: Employ an external marketing agency

Another option is to outsource your marketing department! It could either be through an agency or a freelancer. This option is often more cost effective than hiring an internal marketing team.

Why does everyone place a strong emphasis on SEO?

We have previously spoken about the importance of SEO and have written informative blogs around it, if you want to learn more click here!

Do you want to be found on search engines? Do you want to have a multi-device responsive website? Do you want your blogs to be read and ranked high? Of course the answer is going to be yes, and that’s why you need to have SEO!

By optimising your website you make sure you are found when consumers search for you and this is also possible by placing relevant keywords for your business. This way you bring organic traffic to your website, which is the preferred way, because it is cost effective and results in high ROI if leads convert to clients!

That’s just a small fraction of the importance of SEO in marketing!

If you are curious about tools that you can use yourself click here to learn more about it.

This is just a selection of the most frequently asked questions and we hope that if you have similar ones yourself this blog can guide you to the answers. However, if you still have more questions unanswered, shoot us a message and we can have a chat!

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