7 Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media
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7 Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media

If you're trying to grow your social media presence and something doesn't feel right, then have a peek at this blog, see if you're not letting any of these mistakes stay between you and your achievements.

As we all know, social media is one of the best ways to boost business online - by increasing the visibility and discoverability of our products/services to audiences. It holds many benefits in this digital era!


At the end of the day social media can be our best friend and our worst enemy!

Therefore, to avoid the latter, we will focus today's reading on the most common faux pas made  on social media and how to avoid them!

Buying Followers

Although it is illegal and against the rules of social media channels to buy followers, some companies still decide to do so in order to expand their follower count.

BUT what they don’t realise is how the algorithms work and what will be the after effect of their doing!

So, let’s break this down:

We all know that whenever we publish a post and people start engaging with it, the algorithm works in our favour by thinking of it as relevant and distributing it to others. Now, imagine having 250 followers and buying 500 more thinking it will boost your page. What you don’t know here is that one half of them will indeed be interested in your content, however, the other half won’t pay attention at all. Eventually, all these fake accounts will prevent your posts from being seen and promoted by the algorithm.

Due to these scenarios with bought followers, Facebook had to delete more than 2 billion accounts that harm the natural balance between businesses and algorithms. 

The only conclusion to be made here is staying away from this mistake, because at the end of the day, if you’re only chasing subscribers then you won’t achieve any of your goals!

If you want results focus on 3 things - AUDIENCE, CONVERSATIONS AND CONVERSION!

Irrelevant Hashtags

Existing for nearly 10 years, we have spoken about the importance of hashtags on social media and how they positively contribute to our goals. With them we have the opportunity to reach potential prospects and convert them to consumers.

When it comes to hashtags, there are 2 things to be mindful about:

  1. Volume
  2. Relevancy 

Stuffing your posts with a large volume of hashtags to “expand” your reach to a larger audience is a bad idea. Hashtags must be narrow not broad, they must be relevant to you and your audience. By going overboard you will look spammy and won’t help you in terms of engagement.

Another, really important aspect about hashtags is that we often try to fit in the social media space by jumping on trending topics around which hashtags are created. It is important to know first what news these tags represent before using them in your posts!

Quality Over Quantity

Pumping out excessive amounts of content doesn’t mean it will help your reach and engagement. Many believe that tweeting 10 times a day, or posting too many times on other social channels will be beneficial for their business. What is important here is to focus on quality rather than quantity.

We know that a small business owner who is doing everything by himself finds it tough constantly pulling out high-quality content 3-4+ times a week. Just remember that you can do it even twice a week. If it sparks conversation and brings you the right amount of traffic then keep doing it, as long as you see effective results that meet your targets.


Realistically, not everyone will be your fan and like what you’re doing and posting on social media, it’s normal. What is important here is being able to understand it and live with this thought. The biggest mistake that you can make is to delete negative comments!

We know that they could be harmful to your business, however, deleting it won’t make it go away. Bad reviews are inevitable sometimes, and the best way you can tackle this situation is to:

  • Write a reply to resolve any misunderstandings and show that you care about your audience and their issues, and
  • Apologise

Whatever the situation is, by having such a sensible and responsive attitude, the audience will know that you’re listening to them and care about their problems, contributing positively to your customer service skills and to your image. 

Diversifying Content

Sticking with only one type of content all the time and not even tailoring it to the different platforms could be a problem! Algorithms act differently, if Instagram hashtags benefit you by expanding your reach, for Facebook they don’t have quite this effect. Same goes if you’re only using square photos to schedule and post everything at the same time thinking it will save you time, however, it’s not like that anymore.

One strategy that is extremely effective is using User-Generated Content (UGC). It doesn’t work for everyone, only to certain industries, but if your situation allows - make it happen. Showing how your audience reacts to your product/service and showcasing their experience will make you see a massive positive change.

One mistake that many companies are still making is not posting video on their social media platforms. Video content is one of the most important and highly liked types of content from consumers and can increase your engagement massively!

Avoiding Ads

Up until one time is fine boosting your profile organically, that is the best way to do it. After that you reach a certain point where you have to use ads. Some avoid it thinking it’s too expensive for them, others feel uncomfortable doing it because they think they don’t have enough information to place ads. 

Don’t be afraid to boost your top performing posts! Don’t know which one is considered the top performing one? Then look at your analytics, see the engagement rate of your posts and you will find the answer! This will also give you indication of what your audience likes, knowing it affects your reach and engagement positively.

Your Profile

As silly as it might sound the most common mistake is not updating or filling completely your profile/page information!

Every platform has an ‘about you’ section that must be completed, so that people can learn more around your business and mission. If you are missing any relevant information to fill in your profile, your audience will be disappointed for sure. 

Another common mistake are the unattractive photos being posted or using images that don’t relate to your brand. Always use attractive ones that represent your brand personality. 

These are just part of the most common mistakes observed that companies make. Probably the one thing you should learn is that you must take care of each element that aligns with your goals and processes to ensure you’re doing the basics correctly. 

Focus your efforts on your audience and when you know what they like to see, hear and read about you make sure they can actually do it. Have a customer centric approach not a sales one! Bring value to your customers, show you care about them - have a conversation, reply to their comments/threads/tweets.

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