The number one search tool Google is back in our discussion and this time we will review 3 things that you probably could have missed!

The number one search tool Google is back in our discussion and this time we will review 3 things that you probably could have missed!

Grab a cup of coffee/tea, your reading glasses and sit back comfortably by sparing 5 min of your time to digest this fine read! 

The 3 Strike Policy

During the summer, we have been given the news that from September there will be a new Google Ads policy, in which offenders will be penalised and at the end the account will be suspended. 

So at the beginning of your violation you will receive a warning that will impact the offending ads and will be taken down, however, if you continue then you will be entering the ‘Strike system’!

Strike 1

Essentially, the first strike will be given to you if you fail to comply with the regulations of removing your ad in the 90 day period since you have received the warning. It will temporarily freeze your account for 3 days, hence, none of your ads will be displayed. After that your account will continue to run as normal but the ad you have been suspended for will be disabled until the necessary corrections have been made!

Strike 2

Second strike will be given to you if you continue breaking the same policy within 90 days of the first one. By having 2 strikes your account will be frozen for a seven day period. In addition to correcting the ads, you’ll also be required to write an acknowledgement letter.

Strike 3

In case you repeatedly continue to violate the same protocol within 90 days of the second strike given your account will be suspended for an indefinite period!

It does sound a bit harsh but one reminder that this policy is not only about ads, it can affect any content connected to your account including images, ad extensions and landing pages.

The process is that whenever you are in violation of protocol guidelines you will:

  1. Receive a notification email notifying you that you broke protocol
  2. Advertisers will have the ability to appeal the decision
  3. Remember that the warning lasts for 90 days only and if you make the necessary corrections in that time frame your record will be wiped clean. In case you make a violation after that you start from the warning stage!
  4. Strikes are enforced when the SAME policy is being violated more than once!

The policy is live since September 21 and Google is hopeful that this system will last and is open for feedback! 

New Multitask Unified Model (MUM)

The new model will let you make searches using different inputs, including visuals, as search parameters expanding your discovery!

Now you can use visuals to advance your search and have them as a reference point, for instance if you want a shirt with a certain print it turns into a trigger for searching this product in different categories. It’s extremely useful when you are clueless about names of products!

It is a good way to upgrade the way you search for products and increase discoverability, and in the future it can act as a source which tells us how people come to you, and what their behavioural patterns are. 

And according to Google: 

“If you search for “acrylic painting,” Google understands how people typically explore this topic, and shows the aspects people are likely to look at first. For example, we can identify more than 350 topics related to acrylic painting, and help you find the right path to take.”

This opens new doors for improving your SEO related to discovery that has been added to search results. Helps you keep up with trends and makes sure that your website content is designed based on those elements to maximise discovery.

According to Google, the first version is expected to be live in the coming weeks and more improvements will be coming soon. This is also a key moment for the search engine to test their advanced Lens search process by facilitating eCommerce discovery enabling users of Google app to search based on images, video and text content on a website. 

Adds Search Console To Analytics and New Data Modeling

With Google’s mission of slowly transitioning to a cookie-free web environment, they further look to add more machine learning tools into Analytics, with some additional elements to ease marketers when looking at their web performance.

This is how Google explains it:

“Search Console provides detailed information about your website’s organic Search performance, including the site’s rank in Search results, queries that led to clicks, and post-click data, like engaged sessions and conversions. With the new Search Console integration, you'll be able to understand the role that organic Search plays in driving traffic to, and engagement on your site, relative to other marketing channels like Search ads, email, or social.”

Also, the search engine adds a data-driven attribution that has no minimum threshold requirement to 4 analytics properties. This new model offers an improved knowledge of how your marketing activities collectively influence conversions, in order to avoid over or undervaluing a single channel. 

Lastly, they are optimising the modeling prediction capacity to Analytics by “allowing you to fill gaps when understanding customer behaviour when cookies and other identifiers aren’t available. It is able to analyse enormous amounts of historical data, and to identify correlations and trends between key points and uses these findings to make predictions about the customer journey”.

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