3 Points Every SME Should Consider For Social Media
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3 Points Every SME Should Consider For Social Media

A summary of the most important practices for SMEs to put into place whilst running social media channels.

In today's marketing world, social media content is one of the most important strategies to be looking at. Emphasis falls on the ability to capture the attention of your audience through visual aids. They want you to make it as easy as possible for them to understand who you are.

Images and videos can bring more engagement than any other form of content. They’re memorable, thought provoking and easy to digest when designed correctly.

In this blog we will explore some of the most essential guidance on how to accelerate with your content on socials.

1. Imagery Content

Typically, most people will scroll away if they see a large portion of text on social media, so keep it simple and engaging at the same time. 

As the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”  and that’s why it’s essential to have images that capture the eyes and imaginations of users. 

However, there are some principles to consider when we talk about imagery content: 

Colour Scheme

Every company has its own individual and identifiable set of brand colours. Colour plays a big part in brand identity and is a number one brand asset as well. When it comes to social media utilise them as your top USP. 

TIP: Pick a colour to be the focal point for your illustrations, and use the others as an enhancement of this.

Rule of Design

Of course, not everyone is a graphic designer. 

However, if you’re trying your hand at creating some graphics there are some dos and don'ts to follow. There’s always videos to guide you, but if you still feel that something isn’t clicking - find a professional.

TOP TIP: Use real imagery as well as graphics, to spark interest and present your human side.


Typefaces are critical to the readability of your posts. Font styles and sizes, text weight and spacings play a crucial role in delivering the importance of your message. This is because poor typography can divert the attention of the reader within seconds of them seeing it.

TOP TIP: DON’T switch randomly between fonts - select specific font styles that would perfectly reflect your brand and stick to them.

Style and Consistency

Style and consistency is another vital element of running a social media profile.

It could relate to how you organise your Instagram feed and maintain that aesthetic. The number one rule to remember is that however you start is the same way you should continue. Strive to put some creativity and innovation into everything you do in order to keep the eye of the viewer.

Consistency in content marketing is truly important. You show your audience that you are responsible as a brand to keep up a consistent level of activity (the days and times you post).

TOP TIP: A great way to maintain your content is by using a Content Calendar and map your weekly plans, as well as what kind of content you’re going to deliver.


Infographics are an amazing piece of work when you want to combine a bit more text with visuals - they are informative and eye-catching at the same time. 

The practice of visualising information has gained more popularity and in total people do 323% better when following directions with illustrations than those without.

TOP TIP: Keep your infographics simple and focused for a single topic.

2. Video Content

Along with the rise of content marketing, the demand for video content has also increased. Moreover, in 2018, 93% of companies shared that after creating videos for their social media channels they saw a jump in their customer base. 

So, let’s start with the basics first!

What do we mean by video content?

Video content is every form of content that encompasses videos, including:

  • Vlogs
  • Animated GIFs
  • Live videos
  • Webinars
  • Testimonials
  • Recorded presentations

Video marketing is a powerful tool not only for the B2C environment but also brings value for the B2B base. This is known to be a preferred method when it comes to researching new products/services or even when developing new skills and knowledge. Therefore, many companies have doubled their resources and strive to upload regular video content.

What can you do?

Video Format

The first thing you should think about is what type of videos can you create? Depending on the industry sector you’re in, there are particular types of video content and formats that work best, e.g. testimonials, reviews, how to videos, etc. 

Choose your channel(s)

Be where your customers are - if your target audience is mainly on YouTube and TikTok then you should be there as well! Try not to upload content where you will attract the wrong type of customers and shift your focus. 

Every year we see a shift of popularity among the platforms, because the consumer mindset is ever changing and trends are unpredictable. That’s why it’s important to keep track of those demands and perform reviews and research on what’s new.


Depending on what you choose to create, keep engaging your audience in order to see results - spark some call-to-action, try something new (think outside the box).

TOP TIP: Before you film your video, do some research and see what your competitors have done. Try to fill on the gaps they have missed.

3. Tailor Your Content To The Different Platforms

Content marketing gives you the ability to increase your online presence and boost your visibility to a wider audience.

One of the most important things to remember is that every platform has its own purpose and what works for one may not work for another. If you want to know more about the core existence of each major social media channel, we suggest you read the “The Handbook for Small Businesses to Smash Social Media '' and download our very own Ebook with tips on how to form your posts.

Remember: Think firstly about what kind of content you’re posting, what text are you forming around it and finally schedule the post to the appropriate platforms. In case you want to do it on all channels, change the tone of voice to match each one individually.

Need help managing your socials? Get in touch with us today, we're here to help.

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