COVID-19 Marketing Campaigns That Connected With Us.
Let’s face it, Covid-19 sucked for everybody. Period.

However, even in the shadow of a global crisis, there are still some people who just know how to shine a little ray of light.

So, here’s two Covid-19 marketing campaigns that connected with us.

Nike: You Can’t Stop Us.

What can you say except wow, what a video ad.

As always Nike leads the way on inspiring the people and just knowing what makes us want to join the crowd and back a purpose.

The ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ campaign was a double edged sword, focused on bringing people back together after a socially splitting pandemic.

However, it is also had a clear message that together we can make a difference and athletes from all sports are standing as one against all the wrong in the world.

This approach coupled with seamless editing created the powerful message Nike was putting out there.

Resulting in, as always, some bold and inspiring stuff from Nike.

Heineken: Connections

When the pandemic hit social distancing showed us that we needed to find new ways to connect with those we love.

No longer could we meet our besties for a beer in the pub to catch-up. So, along came the explosion of video calling platforms as the go-to means of filling that void.

Of course, we all know video calling doesn’t come without its hilarious and embarrassing moments.

Do you remember the BBC presenter and his kids bursting in the door in the background on live TV.

Heineken’s connections campaign hit the nail on the head, with their clear message that social distancing doesn’t need to be the end of having a beer with friends.

The result was a marketing campaign that connected with us. Showing the funny side of video calling that we have all at some point encountered in one way or another.

If you want to create your own campaign, then please drop us a line, we are always happy to throw some ideas around the table.