3 Reasons Why Social Is So Important If You’re A Small Business

1. It's Where Your Customers Are.

If you target customer between the ages of 16-35, then they are digital natives, and by not using digital platforms like social media and google search, then high chances are they don’t even know you exist.

87% of shoppers start their buying journey on a digital platform (Forbes)

2. It Breeds Long Term Loyalty

We are by nature tribal, we want to be part of a tribe, and the combination of great branding and social media allows small businesses to create their own tribes. Just like football fans, once you are part of a tribe, you live and breathe everything that is part of that tribe, and that can stay for generations.

77% of consumers, including 60% of millennials, have had relationships with specific brands for more than 10 years. (InMoment)

Loyal customers are seven times more likely to test an offering, five times as likely to make a repeat purchase and four times more likely to refer the brand. (Qualtrics)

3. Consumers Trust Consumers.

86% of people said they would make a decision based on what they see on social media, posted by someone they know or follow.

Let that sink in for a moment.  This goes back to the previous point, by creating a tribe, you create an army of people who place their trust in not just your products but what they stand for, and then these people will go out and post about your brand. That means 86% of people who see those posts are more likely to buy from you than your competitor. Now if that doesn’t convince you that social is worth investing in, I don’t know what will.

Investing in social doesn’t just mean hiring one teenager to do everything or post the odd pretty picture, after all you are trying to build a brand community not a picture book, but it doesn’t also mean you have to spend the earth.

Social is all about reciprocity, you get back what you give out, and the majority of it’s a time investment and a commitment to see it through, that’s why here at Beanstalk we believe in the long term relationship, over the short term campaign, we start with organic foundation building, after all you need to grow the grass on the field before you can play football on it.

If you want to find out more about how or even where to start with building up your own tribe, then feel free to give either myself (Matt) or Seb a call and we’ll be more than happy to chat through some ideas.

In these crazy times we all need to help each other. Stay safe.